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Baskischer Ministerpräsident traf sich mit Ikerbasque Stiftungsprofessoren

Die drei permanent an der Universität Deusto tätigen Ikerbasque Stiftungsprofessoren trafen sich mit Lehendakari (Baskischer Ministerpräsident) Iñigo Urkullu während eines Regierungsempfangs für Ikerbasque Stiftungsprofessoren und ihre Familien, die ins Baskenland gezogen sind, um dort die Wissenschaftslandschaft zu verstärken.

Basque governor Urkullu meets Ikerbasque Research Professors of Universidad de Deusto

Ulf-Dietrich Reips, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Iñigo Urkullu, Juan Arango

Ministerpräsident Iñigo Urkullu ist auch ein früherer Student der Universität Deusto.

Grant proposal involving iScience group evaluated as “High potential” by the EU

A joint multi-national proposal involving our group, “A Research infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web materials”, has been put by EU Consultation on Research Infrastructures, Topics for Integrating Activities on the list of projects of “High potential” and also with “merit for future Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure Actions”. We consider this to be a very qualified prequalification as the evaluation procedure has followed the rigorous standard FP7 evaluation procedure.

Find the evaluation outcome of this first step at the European Commission’s website: (the project is classified in the Mathematics and ICT category as ‘ICT02’).

Journal Impact Factor reaches 5.8 for the International Journal of Internet Science (

According to preliminary calculations based on citations listed by Google Scholar, the 2012 journal impact factor of the International Journal of Internet Science will be 5.8 or higher.

To calculate the 2012 impact factor, number of articles published in the two previous years is divided by the number of cites in 2012 to items published in 2011 (4) and 2010 (36). This calculation of Cites to recent items / Number of recent articles arrives at 40 / 7 = 5.8 .

As usual, the real 2012 journal impact will be higher, as some 2012 publications have not yet appeared in the databases.

(English) iScience group awarded FP7 Ikerbasque Visiting Professorship 2013

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.