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Major update WEXTOR 2022 is available for all users

WEXTOR 2022 is live for all users! 🥳 Discover the latest version of, empowering next-generation web experiments, e.g., with mobile-optimized templates 📲, the Sealed Input Box Plugin 🛡, or the Random Stimulus Plugin 🧑🏼‍💻.

Changelog (WEXTOR 2021 → WEXTOR 2022):

– Responsive Questionnaire Templates
– Live Preview Device Simulator
– New Fonts
– New Style Options (e.g., round vs. angular)
– Smart Search Engine Bot Detection
– SEO Improvements
– WexList Sharing API
– Drag & Drop Experiment Upload
– Non-Binary Gender Option
– Multiple Site Entry Technique Tag Generator
– 7-Point Likert Scale Plugin
– 5-Point Likert Scale Plugin
– Random Stimulus Plugin (random displaying of stimuli with(out) replacement)
– Button Hover Effects
– Experiments SSL Support
– Smart Snowball Sampling
– Experiment Structure Sharing
– Open Science Approaches Compliance
– “Join WEXTOR Pool” Option
– Improved Button Captions
– Sealed Input Box Plugin (allows entering information that is randomized & stored separately from the other data)
– Improved Form Validation
– Informed Consent Template
– Optional Quit Early Button
– Screen Dimensions Data Collection
– General Bug Fixes & Improvements

Try it out today at! ❤️🎓🚀

Summer semester 2022: Write your thesis with us!

Out now: Special issue of Zeitschrift für Psychologie

🥳 Out now: The special issue of the “Zeitschrift für Psychologie”, the oldest psychological journal in Europe and the second oldest in the world! 📔 The special issue was edited by Science head Prof. Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips together with Tom Buchanan. 👨🏼‍💻

Happy Holidays!

We wish you lots of fun during the holidays and a good start of 2022! #2022WillBeExciting