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Ready for the next level? No matter where you are, you can take your iScience thesis (BSc and MSc) with you.


Most of our research has been Internet-based since the 1990s, so we can bring a lot of experience and provide a lot of advice on how to do your thesis research online. Currently, we have some urgent projects for which we seek Master and Bachelor students:

1. A meta analysis (Master thesis)
2. Late responders in web surveys and experience sampling: Who are they?
3. Experience Sampling studies on various longitudinal aspects
4. Experimental study of basic Web experimental techniques
5. A multicultural/multilanguage Google Ngram Study
6. Mental accounting experiment
7. Usability study of mobile applications and mobile web
8. A ChatGPT study

. If you are interested in conducting research with our team, this is a list of topics we would be interested in developing as part of a Bachelor or Master thesis.


Experience Sampling and mobile research

  1. Smartphone sensors, personality and behavior. An experimental study in measurement accuracy of behavioral and environmental sensors in mobile devices
  2. Experience Sampling studies: collecting and analysing data from daily life
  3. In search of the right moment to send a mobile notification in Experience Sampling studies
  4. Improving user experience with mobile notifications
  5. Tracking everyday life with collecting and visualizing GPS data
  6. Comparability of whole-scale personality tests vs. scale-wise (over the course of one week)

For more information on the experience sampling method, see our publication in Behavior Research Methods.

Internet-based experiments and Web survey methodology

  1. Interactive online experiments (where participants are playing with each other)
  2. Human interaction in online experiments: How to improve the user experience?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of online response formats
  4. Development of an R (and Shiny) app

Measurement and scales

  1. Personality in Serious Gaming
  2. Development and validation of an online personality scale (various scales possible)
  3. Replicación español: Propiedades psicométricas de una versión en-línea de la Escala de Deseabilidad Social
  4. Touchscreen versus Mouse: Response formats
  5. A study with migrants on the use of social media
  6. Online Virtual Reality (programming skills desired)
  7. Creating a Reactance Questionnaire (with personality measures)


In the near future

Experience Sampling and mobile research

  1. Experience Sampling in Virtual Reality (programming skills required)


Internet-based experiments and Web survey methodology

  1. Understanding the seriousness check and the instruction manipulation check
  2. Social Lab: Programming and evaluating extensions


Measurement and scales

  1. Further research on Visual Analog Scales
  2. Sunk cost experiment


For any further information on the topics and/or if you are interested in doing your thesis with us, please contact any team member or send an e-mail to