topics for bachelor and master theses

THESIS TOPICS! If you are interested in conducting research with our team, this is a list of topics we would be interested in developing as part of a Bachelor or Master thesis:

To be developed soon (list updated on August 2019)

  1. Experimental study of basic Web experimental techniques
  2. An online study into measuring sensitive topics (Estudio en-línea acerca de temas sensibles)
  3. Psychology in 3D – Assessment in virtual realities (programming skills required)
  4. Smartphone sensors, personality and behavior. An experimental study in measurement accuracy of behavioral and environmental sensors in mobile devices
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of online response formats
  6. An online study on cross-cultural body perception
  7. Does political ideology bias the perception of bodies in Germany? Online study of body perception.
  8. Human interaction in online experiments: How to improve the user experience?
  9. Prominence in Psychology: Citation analysis
  10. Development and validation of an online personality scale (various scales possible)
  11. Development of the Presence questionnaire in of Virtual Reality (requirement: basic programming skills, previous experience in Unity, or strong desire to learn)
  12. Affective images in a Virtual Room: are they as effective? (requirement: basic programming skills, previous experience in Unity, or strong desire to learn)
  13. Replication in German or Spanisch: Psychometric properties of an Internet version of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (Replicación alemana o español: Propiedades psicométricas de una versión en-línea de la Escala de Deseabilidad Social)
  14. In search of the right moment to send a mobile notification in experience sampling studies
  15. Tracking everyday life with collecting and visualizing GPS data
  16. Evaluation of an emotion induction dataset in the German population
  17. Evaluation of different levels of avatar interactivity and appearance (programming skills welcome)
  18. Touchscreen versus Mouse: Response formats
  19. A multicultural/multilanguage Google Ngram Study (Estudio multicultural/multilingüe en Google Ngram)
  20. Mental accounting experiment
  21. A survey study with migrants on the use of social media
  22. Development of an R (and Shiny) app


To be developed in the near future

  1. Visual Analog Scales vs. Likert scales: Performance in big vs small touch-monitor displays. (Bachelor thesis project on school children and their parents. Project ready to enter data acquisition phase: recruit participants and implement study design)
  2. Towards online Virtual Reality studies: Can we virtually stress people online? (programming skills welcome)
  3. Development and programming of a Web app for longitudinal research
  4. Experience sampling in Virtual Reality (programming skills required)
  5. Risk perception and risk communication in Social Media
  6. Mechanisms in the seriousness check and the instruction manipulation check     
  7. Social Lab: Programming and evaluating extensions
  8. Interpersonal Comparisons: Dividing the cake with robots – a Web experiment
  9. Sunk cost experiment
  10. R and Shiny: refining a class project
  11. Development of a GUI for popular psychology packages in R
  12. Immersive emotion induction: Performing arts in 360° and Virtual Reality

For any further information on the topics and/or if you are interested in doing your thesis with us, please contact any team member or send an e-mail to