Question: I want to write my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in the iScience group. Is there a list of topics?

Answer: There is an overview of ongoing opportunities for theses on this page. There may be other current topics – just ask a team member.

Question: When does the insight/review of the exam of Methods and History, and Statistics 1 take place?

Answer: The exam review for Methods and History, and Statistics 1 is scheduled for April 16 and 18, 2024 starting at 12:30 pm. The review requires prior registration with Antonie Schmidt, stating the name of the examination and the matriculation number. She will provide you with the room number for the exam review.

Question: I am an exchange student and I have some respect for writing the exam in a foreign language, because my German language skills are not perfect. May I use a dictionary (German-English) during the Methods 2 exam?

Answer: Yes, you may use a dictionary, this must be free from handwritten entries (this is controlled by the supervisors).

Question: I have received instructions from my Erasmus coordinator to kindly ask you to grade my priority exam faster. It is very important that I have a complete Transcript of Records, since I’ll need to send it by mid-September to my home university.

Answer: Officially, grades need to be made by the end of the semester (end of March or end of September). In our group, exams are usually graded on the day of the exam. However, the grades need to be cross-checked and make their way through the administration. Sometimes, there are a few cases with wrong matrikel numbers etc. In any case, exam grades will available definitely before semester end.
Seminar grades are sometimes made by the end of the semester only – to allow some students extensions for their papers. Erasmus students should thus always mention to their teachers, if they need their grade early.