Lectures, Seminars and Colloquia in Winter Semester 2021/2022

Digital Health and Mobile Methods: Psychological & Medical Diagnostics

Methodology of Time Perception and Mental Accounting Studies

Open Science: Theorie und Praxis 

PSY- 12290 Introduction to SPSS Statistics 

PSY-14750 Research Colloquium Psychological Methods, Assessment & iScience

PSY – 15650 Create Internet-based Experiments, Conduct Big Data Research, Write Articles 

PSY-16890 Designing Online Experiments in Personality Psychology

Statistics 1 (Lecture)

Statistics 1 (Exercise)

What counts? Material, Corporal and Psychological Dimensions of Serious Gaming


Lectures and Seminars from Summer Semester 2021

PSY-10105 Methoden 2 (Vorlesung/Lecture & Übung/Exercise)

PSY-16770 Internet-based Data Collection and Analysis (Seminar)

PSY-14750 Research Colloquium Psychological Methods, Assessment & iScience 

PSY-16720 Multicultural competency and methods (Online-Seminar)

PSY-16130 Programming online assessments in personality and differential psychology (Online-Seminar)

PSY-16800 Meta-Analysen zur Internet-basierter Forschung: Theorie und Praxis (Online-seminar)

PSY-10125 Practical Training in Empirical Research 2 (Praktikum)

PSY- 12290 Introduction to SPSS Statistics (Seminar)