New adventures for the team: Yury Shevchenko and Maria Rosa Miccoli got funded!

Researchers┬┤everyday life is not only about teaching, experiments design, and data-analyses. Fundings and scholarhsips give researchers resources to make their ideas a reality! ­čÜÇ iScience members are well aware of the potentialities of fundings. We are very happy to announce that Yury Schevchenko and Maria Rosa Miccoli were recently funded for two different projects. ­čĹĆ­čĆ╗

Yury Shevchenko recently got the Young Scholar Fund (YSF), with his project “Psychological well-being in hybrid workspaces: An Experience Sampling Study”.

Maria Rosa Miccoli is officially a participant in the Konstantia MEIN program 2023. Through this program, she will visit a research laboratory in Rotterdam where she will be mentored by Prof. Krefeld-Schwalb.

We wish them both success in those experiences!