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Stieger, S., Lewetz, D., & Reips, U.-D. (2018). Can smartphones be used to bring computer-based tasks from the lab to the field? A mobile experience sampling method study about pace of life. Behavior Research Methods, 50, 2267–2275.


Researchers are increasingly using smartphones to collect scientific data. To date, most smartphone studies have collected questionnaire data or data from the built-in sensors. So far, few studies have analyzed whether smartphones can also be used to conduct computer-based tasks (CBTs). Using a mobile experience sampling method study and a computer-based tapping task as an example (N = 246; twice a day for 3 weeks, 6000+ measurements), we analyzed how well smartphones can be used to conduct a CBT. We assessed methodological aspects such as potential technologically induced problems, dropout, task non-compliance, and the accuracy of millisecond measurements. Overall, we found few problems: dropout was low and time measurements were very accurate. Nevertheless, particularly at the beginning of the study, some participants did not comply with task instructions, probably because they did not read the instructions before beginning the task. To summarize, the results suggest that smartphones can be used to transfer CBTs from the lab to the field, and that real-world variations across device manufacturers, OS types, and CPU load conditions did not substantially distort the results.

more information about the iscience members: U.-D. Reips, Stefan Stieger