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Our group studies methodologies for Internet-based scientific research and the interplay of Internet and Psychology. We are rooted in Methodology and Experimental Psychology and also follow research lines in Personality Assessment and Cognitive Science. In the Experiments section you will be able to take part in our experiments and tests and get to know by experience what we do. Read more about it in the Research section.

Are you a researcher in need for tools and methods to conduct Internet-based research?

In the Resources and the Research sections you will find descriptions of the tools available via our iScience Server. Explanations of tools and methods for Internet-based research and our own research are available from the Publications section.

Team, teaching and publications

If you are looking for more information about team members, go to section Team. There you will find detailed information about the members of the research team, including their recent publications, and links to their personal homepages.

Classes we teach are to be found in the Teaching section. If you are a student at the university, you might also be interested in doing your thesis with us. We already have a few topics we would like to supervise students on in the Topics for bachelor and master theses section.

Our publications and presentations are to be found in the Publications and Presentations sections.

Some team members also have publications pages that may be more up-to-date and provide further download options, see for example Ulf-Dietrich Reips’ publications page.

"For more than 20 years iScience has been inspiring young researchers to set up their own laboratories, network and work globally together - not virtually, not artificial, but real with true human intelligence."

André Hahn, KANTAR, Hamburg, Germany - and creator of the first test on the Web in 1994

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