💻 An informative article from Carla Biegert about AI and empathy is online!

👏🏻 Out now: Carla Biegert, a master’s student working on her thesis with Ulf-Dietrich Reips, has recently published an informative article about her thesis project!

Here is an extract from her article:
“Empathy is one of the most common buzzwords in the UX (User Experience) industry, and it is assumed to be an important skill and might even distinguish good from bad UX professionals. But what does it actually mean to be empathetic, and what impact could an AI-based tool have on it? During her master’s thesis in collaboration with a UX agency in Germany (Centigrade), she aims to explore the concept of empathy in UX design. In a diary-style study, people will have the opportunity to interact via chat with personas (a common tool in the UX design world). Carla Biegert will investigate how this will affect empathy towards users and the roles that believability and anthropomorphism might play.”

🔎 If you want to know more about the theoretical backgrounds and practical plans, give the following article a read: here!.