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Fessler, D. M. T., Stieger, S., Asaridou, S. S., Bahia, U., Cravalho, M., de Barros, P., Delgado, T., Fisher, M. L., Frederick, D., Geraldo Perez, P., Goetz, C., Haley, K., Jackson, J., Kushnick, G., Lew, K., Pain, E., Piexinho Florindo, P., Pisor, A., Sinaga, E., Sinaga, L., Smolich, L., Mei Sun, D., & Voracek, M. (2012). Testing a postulated case of intersexual selection in humans: The role of foot size in judgments of physical attractiveness and age. Evolution and Human Behavior, 33, 147-164.

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