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iScience’s special Workshop & Symposium held at #SCiP2022 🗣.

iScience’s special workshop & symposium “Internet-based research: Methods, tools, research synthesis” was held at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Computation in Psychology (#SCiP2022) 🗣. The event occured on November 17th, 2022, in Boston. ❤️ See the program in detail.

Reips, U.-D., & Caffier, J. (2022, November). WEXTOR 2022: A coding-free experiment generator for web and lab. (SCIP)

Kaufmann, E., & Reips, U.-D. (2022, November). A Step-by-Step Primer on Conducting Meta-Analyses: The Case of Internet-based Research. (SCIP)

Lukács, G., Kleinberg, B., & Reips, U.-D. (2022, November). An Ecological Meta-Study Assessment of the “RAF Loop” Javascript Timing Method . (SCIP)