Workshop: “Relations between Space, Language, and Numbers” (Tübingen, April 10th – 12th) – Co-organized by Prof. Dr. Reips

✨ Our team-leader, Prof. Dr. Reips, co-organized an exciting workshop about semantic, numerical and embodied cognition in Tübingen. Additionally, Dr. Shevchenko and Annika Tave Overlander, two members of the iScience team, presented their projects! 🚀
🗨 The workshop offered an excellent opportunity to discuss various topics in the fields of Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

Group photo of participants of the worksohp

Next to amazing presentations and insightful discussions, the participants were also able to explore the beautiful town of Tübingen. On several city tours lead by local workshop participants, many titbits of interesting information was exchanged. Did you know that the motto of Uni Tübingen, “Attempto!” has to do with its logo, a palm tree? 🌴 Apparently the founder of the university attempted to plant a palm tree in Tübingen, even though his advisers were sure it would not grow – only to discover that it did!