Stefan Stieger

Stefan Stieger

Researcher and Lecturer

Stefan Stieger studied psychology at the University of Vienna. He received his Dr. rer. nat. in Psychology in 2006 for his dissertation “Test-theoretical criteria of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and the Single-Target Implicit Association Test (STIAT)” In 2012 he habilitated (“The measurement of implicit social cognition: Basic assumptions, methodological considerations, and examples of application”) at the University of Vienna. Upon his long collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips (beginning as a practicum student in Zurich in the early 2000s) he joined and worked in the Research Methods, Assessment and iScience team at the University of Konstanz as a post-doctoral researcher from 2014-2017 to then move on to become a full professor in Austria.

Stefan Stieger became an expert in online methodology (i.e., measurement via online questionnaires, instant messaging, and smartphone apps) and the measurement of implicit social cognitions, which is reflected in his publication outcome (>100), frequent reviewer duties (to date ~140 reviews for more than 40 peer-reviewed journals), conference presentations (>100), as well as memberships in scientific review and editorial boards (e.g., General Online Research Conference: since 2008, Association of Internet Researchers: since 2011; Associate Editor for Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking). He also has programming skills (e.g., Perl), which has led to several publications of self-programmed software and Web-applications. Furthermore, he is developing smartphone apps and has already conducted and supervised several smartphone app projects.