Conditions for running an experiment in the Web Lab
The Web Lab is gaining rapid world-wide exposure to a variety of persons, academics and non-academics alike.
Currently, about 120-150 persons visit the Web Lab every day. Naturally, this resource is distributed to currently running Internet/Web experiments. As of December 2002, there is a monthly fee of 30 Euro per Web experiment to cover our ever increasing expenses for maintaining this Web site.
We recognize that even under the best of conditions, conducting "good" scientific research can be problematic. Thus, the following requisites for conducting a study "in" the Web Lab were developed. To ensure a high standard of quality for Web experiments, we encourage experimenters to make sure their proposed work meets the following criteria prior to submitting it to this site:

Studies must have an experimental component;
Studies must be designed to advance scientific, not market knowledge;
Participants must not be deceived about the purpose of the study;
Research participants must receive some type of debriefing;
Participants should be offered an incentive for participating;
Documentation of Web experiments must be provided to us by study authors. Documentation can take place either during the experiment or after its completion.

The above requisites were developed to ensure compliance with general ethical guidelines for psychological research. Also, compliance with the last requisite will lead to the creation of an archive that contains all experiments ever run in the Web Lab, plus their documentation.

If data collected through the use of the Web Lab leads to a publication, please mention the Web Experimental Psychology Lab somewhere in the publication - a good reference is the 2001 article. Also, please check whether some of U.-D. Reips' new (1997-) or old (-1997) publications on Web experimenting are of interest to you.
Web Lab users: We are as excited about the possibilities for conducting psychological research using the World Wide Web as you are. Because this is a new methodology, the more studies that are conducted using this method, the sooner we can work out the "bugs."
Help us out: Link the Web Lab to your Web page/site. Thanks.

To submit your Web experiment, please fill in the form at the web experiment list Website and tick the appropriate checkbox for your experiment to be included in the Web Experimental Psychology Lab.

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Thanks to Mike Mangan for finding the "bugs" in this text.

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